Halloween 2010!


Aidan R. is 3rd place winner!


Aidan R. & Aidan H. at the final heat.




Peter H. & Evan C. win award for "Scariest Pumpkin"


starting line



                                  James H. & his sisters


 Zachary L. follows his cool contraption



              Nick L., formerly of Pack 413 wins "Most Creative Pumpkin"                                                  Conner G. & his mummy pumpkin


Conner G's crashes!



                             Abigail S. wins "Prettiest Pumpkin"                                                                  Dillon S. & Conner G. ham it up!


Bodie S. takes the trophy.




Smashing pumpkins!





Race officials bring a ringer. 


Done.  Off to the trick or treating.

Pack 413 established July 1, 1994