Tiger Den - For 1st Grade Boys....

Daniel Clayburgh

Wolf Den - For 2nd grade boys...

Bear Den - For 3rd grade boys...

Webelos I - For 4th Grade Boys....

Steve Meyer

Webelos II/AOL Den - For 5th Grade Boys....

Tim Anderson

A Brief Summary of Scouting and the Cub Scout Program
Scouting has been around a long time. The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910, and became federally chartered with the United States in 1916. Cub Scouts came into being in 1930. Millions of boys have worn the uniform, cooked over an open fire at a campsite, earned their Bobcat, raced their Pinewood Derby cars, worked on service projects, and made new friends under the umbrella of Scouting.

Flowing underneath all this fun and excitement is a character-building program that encourages making good ethical choices, family strengthening, physical fitness, and citizenship skills in the lives of our boys.

 Scouting utilizes an advancement system that requires a boy to ‘do his best’ to fulfill and complete the requirements outlined in his handbook so that he may earn his rank badge. After receiving his badge, these Scouts can go on to earn other awards by completing a series of electives. Please keep in mind that although there are lots of awards and recognitions in Scouting, Pack 413 will strive towards the end that these are earned through significant, meaningful methods that your son will remember for a long time.

 At the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear ranks, Cub Scouting centers around monthly themes that have lots of appeal to boys at this age. During den meetings, the boys will be playing games, building craft projects, learning songs, etc. relating to this theme. In doing so, these boys will be improving on different skills as they learn to get along with others, become more resourceful, and participate in new activities and venues.

 At the Webelos level, in lieu of the monthly theme, the boys are introduced to several diverse Activity Badges and, within the framework of the Webelos den, they work on completing these badges.

If you’ll notice, there are Webelos 1’s (4th graders) and Webelos 2’s or Arrow of Light (5th graders). At the first level, after earning their Webelos badge, Webelos 1’s continue to earn additional activity badges and gain new knowledge and skills in these areas. The Webelos 2’s, though maybe still earning Activity Badges, also begin focusing on completing other requirements for their Arrow of Light award and will be conducting activities with various Boy Scout Troops.

 Pack 413 follows a ‘Scout year’ of June to June and upon nearing the end of the school term, all the boys ‘cross over’ into the next rank. During the summer, the Dens typically don't meet, but the pack normally marches in the Lake Oswego Star Spangled Parade and attends summer camp.

There are many, many events offered in Scouting. In addition to the events at Den meetings, Pack 413 will have family camping trips, Pinewood Derby races, a Blue and Gold dinner, and much more that’s just for us in the Pack 413. In addition, there are District events, which unites us with hundreds of Scouts, and Council events that can have thousands of Scouts in attendance. Your participation at these functions will definitely add to your son’s Scouting experience.
We’re glad you’ve found us! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
Yours in Scouting,                             
 Kathy Campbell
Former Committee Chairman, Pack 413