Cub Pack 413 - Lake Oswego

We invite all girls and boys, kindergarten - 5th grade, to be Cub Scouts.

We are open to all kindergarten to 5th grade boys and girls ages 5 to 10. Home or private schooled too. Most of the Scouts are from Hallinan and Forest Hills Elementary Schools, but we also have Scouts from River Grove and Westridge Elementary Schools.  Meetings are held at Hallinan Elementary or the C3 Church.

Each Scout joins a den based on their age and grade:

                          • Lions Den for kindergartners
                          • Tiger Den for 1st graders
                          • Wolf Den for 2nd graders
                          • Bear Den for 3rd graders
                          • Webelos I for 4th graders
                          • Webelos II/Arrow of Light for 5th graders.

The "Pack" is the collection of all Dens. Our Pack outings are usually held on the third Sunday or Monday of the month. Brothers and sisters are welcome at all Pack meetings and most activities.

Dens usually meet twice a month at C3 church. Dens also have occasional "Go See Its", which are field trips, hikes, visits to a fire station, etc.

Dues are typically $175/year and cover Boy Scout of America registration fee, Boys Life magazine, a hand book, neckerchief, and most activities.

We ask parents to take an active role too. Cub Scouting events are family events!

The Pack was established in 1936 in the Portland area and moved to Lake Oswego as part of the Lakewood Elementary PTO during the early 1940's. When construction of Hallinan Elementary was completed in the early 1980's and Lakewood Elementary was closed, the pack moved along with the students and teachers. In 2013, the pack moved our charter to Christian City Church and we continue to serve the students at Hallinan, Forest Hills, and Westridge Elementary schools. We are a very active pack and have dens for all ages from 1st grade to 5th grade.

We are part of the Skyloo District.

The Skyloo District is part of the Cascade Pacific Council.

Bill Abadie,
May 4, 2015, 9:02 PM